WGS | Bigfoot Classic Cross Country Race

The Bigfoot Classic lived up to it’s name during yesterday’s cross-country race. Held at Twin Rock Friends Camp in Rockaway Beach, the race consisted of the classic “Bigfoot Assault” hill along with a “Narrows” trail that was full of mud and water. The WGS team run through the challenging course and crossed the finish line in a layer of mud and sweat. Tori Rehnert (17:31) placed 1st and Emma Goldthorpe (19:53) placed 8th out of the 21 6th graders. Nicole Hopkins (21:05) achieved a “season record”. On the boys side, Gabe Boisvert (14:54) finished first for WGS, edging out Niko Boisvert (15:27) and Asher Molloy (15:29). Congratulations to all of the athletes for finishing the course. It was by far the toughest race of the season.
Join us next week at the Hydrangea Ranch in Tillamook for our last race of the season!